Closing Attorney

Everyone benefits from a real estate closing that is handled professionally, accurately, and efficiently. Whether you are the home buyer, seller, a real estate agent, or a loan officer, you can rest assured that your closing is in good hands with The Waldrup Law Firm, LLC. Our experienced legal staff will compile all the legally required documents, prepare the contract, compile the necessary information about the property, implement the title search, and review all the documents to affirm accuracy. We look forward to providing you friendly, reliable legal services.

Title Insurance Agent

Our office staff members are experts in preparing the necessary paperwork related to title insurance that protects homeowners as they enter escrow on a home. We will work with you to make sure your title insurance protects you against monetary loss in your home purchase transaction.

Property Title

Executing a title search, understanding title insurance, and researching a title abstract are important steps in assuring a property owner has full title of a property. Title exchange is best handled by a real estate attorney because liens, unpaid back taxes, and unpaid contractors can come to light in the future and jeopardize ownership.


A deed is a legal document that, when executed and delivered, conveys title to or an interest in real estate from a seller to a buyer. Each type of deed provides different levels of protection and fulfills different regulations. Determining what type of deed needed is an important part of real estate transactions. Our specialization in real estate law means you can rest assured that deeds are handled correctly.

For Sale by Owner

The Waldrup team can effectively and competently guide you through the mounds of paperwork required in selling a home. We can help ensure that you comply with all federal, state, and local regulations every step of the way. Once you have received an offer for your home, we can even prepare the purchase contract and of course, schedule and manage a timely closing.

Estate Planning

A valid estate plan with a beneficiary designation will ensure your wishes regarding your personal health care, your properties, and your family’s inheritance are handled according to your wishes. The Waldrup Law Firm, LLC can work with you to ensure that your desires are addressed and recorded for future generations.
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